Shortly after the Evo arrived, there was always this question of why does this car not stop as it should. Last night the calipers were taken apart for a deep clean and service, not so surprised to see one of the rears were seized, luckily it was able to be saved. The lack of braking performance was also caused by three of the four lines being semi to completely clogged, luckily there was already a set of Goodridge stainless brake lines here. The Endless pads that went into the car earlier this year were chucked in place for Ferodo DS2500s, Brembo sport slotted rotors were also installed.

For more than twenty years, Goodridge have been supplying hose and fittings to the world’s leading race teams. Ongoing research and development means that the lessons learned on the track are passed on to you, the serious user.

These race-bred brakelines are constructed from the finest quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner and stainless steel overbraid.

• Eliminated sponginess under heavy braking.
• Increases braking efficiency.
• Abrasion and corrosion resistant.


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